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Tug O’ War … and I’m the Rope!

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Having a child was one of the most wonderful things my husband and I have done. Watching her grow, hearing her say those silly little comments …

Having a second child added to that wonderful feeling. We have a growing family and are loving every minute of it. But, are they?

As a parent, we strive to show our endless love for all the children in the family. Equally dividing our attention amongst them. I have recently become aware that our eldest of only 4 years old, has been doing double duty at trying to get our attention. Not that we don’t give it to her, but that she demands more from us as she witnesses our squeals of delight at her baby brother of only 8 months of age.

Recently, our baby boy has started cutting teeth, started to crawl, trying to cruise and is now pulling up from a sitting position on the floor to standing all by himself … and all within ONE WEEK! So, you can see that it may seem like we are devoting all of our attention to him, but we are not. Our daughter just sees that there is so much excitement around him and simply wants more of it, too.

We do our crafting time together, read, play games … all while Baby is safely in his crib sleeping, playing in his playpen or bouncy chair. She wastes no time in telling me to put him in one of those spots so that we can play. But, there are times when Baby is not feeling good — new teeth coming in and all — and I simply can’t just put him down to play with her. I am torn between the two.

Of course, when Daddy is home … they both get equal attention at the same time. Then, we swap up.

I just feel like I am in a huge game of tug o’ war … and I am the rope! Thinking, oh, big sister is stronger and bigger, but the little guy has his ways, too. It is learning how to balance them equally when I am by myself that makes this momma one tough rope to pull!

While Seth naps, Lilliana and I do whatever she wants … within hearing distance of Seth (or the monitor). One of her favorite things … mine as well being that I have an artistic background … is our crafting sessions. She also just loves to sit and read books on top of books on top of books! When Seth wakes, she grabs a book and runs to his room screaming, “I gotta check on Seth!!” Then I find her sitting on the floor next to his crib “reading” a book to him — she can’t really read yet, but has so many books memorized from the countless times we read them. This just warms my heart. It seems as though she is learning how to share her own time between myself and baby brother. I must continue to do the same each and every day so that she will continue to show the same.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two with baby number three on the way!

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